We are excited to announce the inaugural Carson City Demolition Derby at the Carson City Fair. There will be two full nights of jammed packed action. Proceeds will go to developing the Carson City Fairgrounds for the health and safety of livestock for 4H, FFA, and Grange.

Friday Night
Simerson Class

  • Simerson Construction employees only. Supported and sponsored by Simerson Construction.
  • 12 to 18 cars following standard rules. Night One only.

Open Class

  • Open to community as long as the non-refundable $100 entry fee is paid and meetings attended.
  • 18-24 cars following standard rules attached below.

Saturday Night
Survivor Class

  • Survivors of Simerson Class and Open Class from night one. Will limit returning vehicles to 28 vehicles maximum by following first come first serve if necessary, unlikely that this will need to be administered.
  • One new previously undamaged car will be raffled and entered into this class.
  • Vehicle re-inspection required, same vehicle, and same driver.
    Night Two Only.

Minivan Mayhem Class

  • An invitation only event for women. One vehicle will be
    raffled off for this event as well.

Driver information

The Official rules for the Demolition Derby can be found HERE

All entry forms will be submitted online HERE.

Any questions please email: info@carsondemoderby.com